D-Day Approaches...Posted on July 22, 2011 by Michael Lebson

It has been over a year since our last release and patch 1.6 is finally being wrapped up for release. No joke. As expected with a delay that long, there is a lot of news to cover. I won't go through all the details, but Hunnicutt made a video to show some of the more important changes and there will be a changelog with actual release for your reading pleasure. Also, the changelog is long enough that we printed it in novel form which can be ordered from the RnL store.

*Note: there is no novel and no RnL store.

Before I continue, a huge thanks must be given out to AndY and the guys from redMatter as well as Pongles. After we put out the call for help earlier this year, AndY contacted our team and offered his time to keep things organized in the interim. He not only organized the team, but got us in contact with some of his skilled redMatter associates. The Resistance and Liberation Team stayed on their feet with the guidance and technical skills of AndY and those that helped from the redMatter team. Andy also put us in contact with Pongles, one of the previous programmers from Insurgency. Pongles took time out of his already busy life to search through our code in hopes that he would find the cause of the mystical multi-fire bug. While it turned out to be the prediction errors we have always said it was, the time he spent in search is really appreciated. I really hope that AndY's, Pongles' and the redMatter guys' ears start ringing as everyone that downloads this patch says "Thank You redMatter and Pongles" at their computers. While their work may not have paid off directly, their support helped our team continue working and reach this long-awaited patch.

Even though RnL may be back on track, we are still in need of help. The RnL Developers have been busting their butts on this patch and with so few developers the workload is huge. A round of applause needs to go out to the devs that have been working this hard. Even better than a round of applause though is filling some badly needed positions. Our current priorities lie with getting a 3rd Person Animator and Prop Modeler/Texturer, but any help from Software Engineers to Level Designers would be greatly appreciated. To fill out an application for any position, please visit this link.


Moving on to the fun part. I have been too busy to make an episode of Inside Surveillance for this release, however Hunnicutt and our newest addition to the team, Robinson, picked up my slack and made a video that shows off some key changes since the last patch. With that being said, I will turn your attention to the video.


Direct link here

Some of the information in the video is a bit dated, so here are a couple notes:

  1. The BAR mag top texture has been fixed.
  2. The BAR sprint animation speed has been fixed. (Was way too fast)
  3. MG42 idle animation has been adjusted.
  4. The browning was not remodeled.
  5. The browning wasn't reskinned either.
  6. The fist animations are temporary and have since been (and will continue to be) modified.
  7. There are probably other things that have changed already as well, so keep your eyes out.


Time to clear up the big question that I am sure you are all asking. When is 1.6 going to be released? Well, the many months of waiting and speculating are over. The official release date is looming and we are proud to say that patch 1.6 will be released late next week! Spread the word because now that TF2 and the Source SDK are free, the mod is open to even more people!

Thank you all for sticking with us through these tough times and hold onto your pants for this week of anticipation!



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